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Far Cry 5’s World is Modeled After Real Cults

Have you ever wanted to start your own cult? We sure have, but where do we start in a such a saturated market? Games, of course.

Far Cry 5 might just be the primer you need to make your nightmare come true. In an effort to portray the story realistically, Ubisoft went to the people who study such crazy things to ensure it was accurate. They found that their narrative was even less outrageous than actual events.

The beginning of every cult needs three key ingredients. You need a charismatic leader with a penchant towards oppressing and controlling others. Add in strong persuasion and complete compliance to your rule. Finish the recipe with a willingness to hurt others to enforce your own insane order. Eureeka! We have ourselves a cult.

For small towns, the takeover is easier while still being insidious, and it is scary to think that Far Cry 5 could be a cautionary tale. The push for realism and finding it not real enough is certainly a change. Are there towns that will sell it in the store and experience something similar? We hope not.

On February 27th, players will start the fight to liberate Hope County from the Project at Eden’s Gate, as they explore the world in Far Cry 5 by land, sea, and air. Outside a variety of weapons, you can hire people and use animals to help you fight the doomsday cult in single player or co-op.

Until we have a chance to see how it is done, we will stick to pyramid schemes for now. You don’t want to convince your friends to sell soap for us, do you?

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