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February’s New PS Now Games Include Yakuza 4, Yakuza 5, and the Glorious Pro Farmer 2017

Yes, you read that headline right. Professional Farmer 2017 for PS4 is now available as part of your PlayStation Now subscription. What? Nobody is sharing in this writer’s excitement? Suit yourselves…

Sony has announced today on the PlayStation Blog today that there are a batch of new games joining the PlayStation Now subscription service, and that some older PS3 games are being replaced with their PS4 versions.

Here’s the list of new games being added to the service:

  • Anomaly 2 (PS4)
  • Backgammon Blitz (PS4)
  • Bombing Busters (PS4)
  • DiRT Rally (PS4)
  • Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (PS4)
  • Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (PS4)
  • Gal*Gun: Double Peace (PS4)
  • Grand Kingdom (PS4)
  • NBA 2K16 (PS4)
  • Professional Farmer 2017 (PS4)
  • Yakuza 4 (PS3)
  • Yakuza 5 (PS3)

And here are the PS3 games being replaced with their PS4 versions:

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
  • Motorcycle Club
  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

All in all, a decent month for those who still use the streaming service, even more so if you’re a PC player looking to play the Yakuza games.

Are you subbed to PS Now, or is it not quite meeting your needs? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.


Chris has been writing about gaming news for far too long, and now he’s doing it even more. A true PlayStation know-it-all, Chris has owned just about every Sony console that ever existed. Trophies are like crack to this fella.

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