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FIFA 17 Cover Stars Leaked, Messi Ain’t On It

Lionel Messi has been kicked off the FIFA 17 cover by the looks of a leaked image that was posted online today. The famed Argentinian has been given the red card and sent to, well, nothing really. He’s still in the game, you’re just not gonna see his asymetrical mug on the box.

The image, which is at the bottom¬†of this article, was posted onto Twitter earlier today by @lifelower before it was removed via a DMCA complaint. What does that mean? It means EA’s pissed that some nerd on a smartphone has leaked a picture, so they threw the ol’ dusty lawbook at him. Cruel sods. Well, they can try and throw the book at us but we’ve got a secret weapon: we don’t read so good.



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