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FIFA 18 Introduces Cutscenes and Dialogue Options in Career Mode

Cutscenes? In Career Mode? What is this madness?! It’s all the rage, apparently, as EA is giving FIFA 18’s Career Mode a bit of an overhaul by adding in cinematic cutscenes as well as dialogue options. Sounds a little similar to NBA 2K’s cinematic approach, doesn’t it?

Where the Career Mode was just a decent way to waste time and sweep up PSN trophies in the past, this time around it’s going to be a little more personal. You’ll be getting stuck into the nitty-gritty details when you’re in the manager’s office, as well as explaining to the journos how you missed that open goal in press conferences. It’s high time that EA did something a little different with the game’s Career Mode, and this looks to be a decent way of sprucing things up. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to tell Mourinho to sit and swivel, but maybe that’ll come in next year’s release. We can dream…

In addition to the cutscenes and dialogue options, there are 15 new training mini-games to fool around in, as well as quick-subs and, erm, atmospheres? You can read more about that mumbo-jumbo over on the official EA Sports blog post, here.

You can have a peek at the game in action in the embedded video up above, and then you can sit and wait for the game to release on September 29th. Or sneak off and buy PES 2018… Your choice, people.


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