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Fight an Old Enemy in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

In the newly released Nemesis Forge update for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, you can pull your biggest nemesis into the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War for even more unfinished business. Yeah, they are probably not happy to see you again.

The update also gives you a helper. Your most loyal orc will be transported into the new game to give you a helping hand to defeat Sauron’s army. One orc may not seem like much considering the opponents shown in previous trailers, but you probably should not turn away anyone at this point.

One of the delightfully unique parts of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was the Nemesis System. Sometimes, your fights against particular orcs would unexpectedly end with a sword in your belly, or they would miraculously not be killed when you perforated them. They would become your Nemesis in the game, and the slimy minions of darkness would actually remember you when you came back to turn them into your personal target dummy.

We are looking forward to fighting old foes again when Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches October 10th.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Press Release

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