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Final Fantasy XIV Expands Trial to Level 35

As of this morning, the old 14 day trial time limit is gone from Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix is allowing anyone to roam the world of Eorzea up to level 35. There are no class restrictions, so it gives you an opportunity to see if the massively rebooted MMO is the game for you.

As part of the free chunk, you will be able to visit Gold Saucer and race chocobos, try 10 levels of the Deep Dungeon, and even face the on-the-nose named rock monster, Titan, the Lord of Crags. (The nicknames Baron Bigneous Boulder and Gravel God were already taken.)

If you started a trial in the past or had a paid account that expired, your account has been reactivated, so you can participate as well. The game is open for you to explore with multiple jobs and races to select.

Final Fantasy XIV seems like it is the closest you can be to living in the world of Final Fantasy, without becoming very brooding, going on quests, or giving yourself massive head trauma to create a condition of amnesia, in the hopes you will come back as a soldier. If the idea has ever appealed to you, the price of entry has never been better.

Is this free trial enough to make you want to jump into Final Fantasy XIV? If not, what would be the thing to push you to try it? Let us know in the comments if you will be giving it a whirl, or if you will be passing for a chance at another upcoming MMO on the PS4.


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