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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Hints at Game of the Year Bundle

Final Fantasy XV has managed to avoid a “Game of the Year”-esque release, despite being a colossus of a base game with a healthy array of additional content. But that may be about to change as a new ratings board listing has been published for something known as ‘Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition’.

Though there is no supporting details to give us a more specific understanding of what this new release could entail, it seems logical, at least to us, to assume it is the base game packaged up with all previously released DLC.

Confusingly, however, is that the game’s director had spoken previously about developing further content for the game with the expectation of releasing it this year. But we all change our minds, right. Maybe there is something else demanding the studio’s attention…

The issuing of a rating usually comes near the end of the development calendar, when code starts to meet the printing machine, which potentially implies a release date is not too far in the future. But we must be prepared for one whopper of an install if our assumptions prove correct as everything combined won’t give you much change from 100GB. We hope your hard drive can take it.

Final Fantasy XV was a bit of a mixed bag – it’s pretty epic until the linearity takes hold and then it ushers you where it wants you to go, taking away the freedom you’ve enjoyed for half the playthrough. It did at least have a colourful alternative to horse back travel. You can read our review here.

If and when Square Enix does decide to comment, you can be assured that the team here at Pure PlayStation will keep you up to date on any news and development. 

Did you enjoy Final Fantasy XV, or were the earlier titles more your cup of tea? Did the DLC at least make up for its downfalls? Or are you yet to begin the adventure and consider the Royal Blood edition as a good excuse to start? Comment below. 


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