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Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus Coming Soon

Everyone’s favorite gravelly-voiced companion will soon have his own DLC in Final Fantasy XV. On a quest to become stronger, Gladiolus will be venturing into ruins to take on Gilgamesh. Along the way, it looks like he will be swinging a giant stone column, taking out tons of demons, and exchanging brooding glances with other characters as he fights his way through this newest quest.

Although it is not available until March 28th, we really think Square Enix is not going far enough. Why not sell an ab workout with Gladio or cardio with Prompto for some real product synergy? Gladio can always tell Noctis he is not trying hard enough or he needs to slow down, and they can both fight for a while, before teaching you how to do the perfect Lucian push-up.

Let us know your ideas for the next perfect DLC for Final Fantasy XV in the comments. 

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Square Enix Press Release

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