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Firewall Zero Hour Developers Share Some Advanced Tactics

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a green recruit, the developers behind Firewall Zero Hour have dropped some advanced tactics to help you win. Beyond teamwork and strategy, they have tips like using smoke grenades and the Revive Pistol in your custom loadout. It gives you a better chance of bringing your buddy back to life and allowing them to get behind cover.

There are also tips on which equipment to use and how to spec Contractors for the most benefit. Combine door blockers and signal modifiers to flush the enemy in a specific direction. Enemies escaping one of your mines might walk into another if you put them a few feet apart. If you choose Nala, she can nullify the Instant Karma skill.

Firewall Zero Hour was the most downloaded PSVR game last month, and, with the recent sale, October will probably be the same. If there is one game that has captured our attention lately (other than Red Dead Redemption 2, of course), it’s Firewall Zero Hour. Jeremy couldn’t stop singing its praises, and a few of us have seen the light and joined him.

There are a few more tips in the video, but any one of these could help you overcome some obstacle and enjoy the game more. Check out the trailer, and we’ll see you in your scopes.


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