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Firewall Zero Hour PSVR Update 1.03 Drastically Improves Matchmaking

There’s a new update available for the hit PSVR team-based first-person shooter Firewall Zero Hour. The new update is numbered 1.03 and it brings some much-needed improvement to the game’s matchmaking system – something players have been asking for since the game’s initial release. Even our very own Jeremy mentioned it in his otherwise glowing Firewall Zero Hour PSVR review.

According to players (I’ve yet to enjoy the delights, sadly) the matchmaking is much faster and there’s a significant reduction in the amount of time players are spending in lobbies. That sounds like good news to me, but don’t take my word for it; the patch notes are down below:

  • Squad to Squad matchmaking.
  • General matchmaking improvements.
  • Various quality of life fixes.
  • Crypto Purchasing bug fixes.
  • UI/UX bug fixes

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