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First Official Mass Effect ANDROMEDA Gameplay

Not much but tech analysis and spec boasting came out of the PlayStation 2016 Event. However, nearly three full minutes of Mass Effect ANDROMEDA were on display. Of course it was mostly about how 4K looks with the Frostbite engine but it’s still gameplay dammit! There has been some leaked gameplay footage earlier this year and at E3 there were even some super, itty bitty, small snippets of gameplay but they were mostly apart of a scripted trailer. This video has full on, continuous gameplay and officially released by Bioware.

As most know this Mass Effect takes place in a completely different galaxy (far, far away from that horrid ME3 ending) but two new things popped up with the tech demo. Your character can scan life from their¬†persons and some enemies can be avoided if you don’t get too close. Beyond that the visuals do look remarkable. Check it out down below and we hope you enjoy!



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