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FlatOut 4 Explodes Onto the PS4 March 17

FlatOut 4, the legendary hi-octane arcade racer from PQube and Bigben promises to be totally insane. We know this because it’s called FlatOut 4: Total Insanity, and if the new release trailer above is any indication, insanity may be an understatement. A few of the new game modes are on display, but the best news is that the fan favorite Stunt mode has made its triumphant return.

The resurrection of this once great series begs two questions: 1. Will FlatOut 4 live up to the legacy of the first two titles and shake off the misstep of FlatOut 3? Good question. We’ll know March 17.

And 2. Have you always wanted to play golf where your own lifeless corpse, flying through the shattered windshield of an ice-cream truck, is the ball? If your answer to that question is yes, then in one week, your wildest (i.e., sickest…no seriously, talk to someone…anyone) dreams will become reality.

Do you remember the crazy excitement from the first two FlatOut titles or do the sins of FlatOut 3 cut too deep? Unburden your soul in the comments section below.

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PQube Press Release

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