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For Honor’s Closed Beta Starting Soon

If you ever wanted to pit a samurai, knight, and viking against each other to see who would win, For Honor may be the game for you. Still unconvinced? We do not blame you, but you have a chance to give the game a shot during a closed beta weekend lasting from January 26th – 29th. To register, go to to be redirected to your correct portal, based on your location.

The closed beta will not only be an opportunity to try the game. Calling it the War of the Factions, Ubisoft will tally the results of the battles between the three factions. Whichever one has the highest score will receive rewards that carry over to the full game. If your faction is not the mightiest of the mighty, you will still receive some rewards that are exclusive to the closed beta.

With a February 14th release date, you and your special someone will be able to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women like all true romantic couples.

If Tarantino has taught us nothing, it is that anyone with a katana is infinitely more powerful than even an army of individuals. Disagree? Let us know why you believe the knight or viking even stand a chance. 

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