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Four New PSVR Games Announced at ChinaJoy – Yes, They’re Coming to the West

This year’s ChinaJoy convention in, er, China has brought a few nice little surprises for PSVR players: New game announcements. There were a total of four new games announced for Sony’s headset.

Chinese developers have taken a strong interest in PSVR, or at least that’s what we’ve noticed with some fine releases from the region in recent months, so it’s good to see more coming out of the country. Different development from different cultures can only be a good thing, right?

Below you’ll find the details of the new announcements, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog.


Stifled has players enter (another) horror game in PSVR, though this one’s a little different to the others. You can only see what’s going on in the world around you by using sound – an echolocation-type twist.

However, while noise brings guidance, it also brings the enemies who’ll be alerted by your sounds. Using the PSVR’s built-in mic, you can use your voice to light the way and interact with the game’s world.


The Walker

The Walker is a fantasy combat tale that places you in the role of a distant descendant of an ancient family that’s legendary due to its swordsmanship and magic – something you’ve inherited. These skills come in handy when the world is being threatened by demonic militia.


Kill X

Kill X is another horror game coming out of China. This one’s set on a secret island that’ll have you darting around in a claustrophobic thriller where you’ll solve puzzles, gather weapons, and find out just what the hell has been going on with this poor island and its inhabitants.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander brings some real-time strategy action to PSVR – something there’s not nearly enough of.

You’ll pick your commander, form an army, collect cards to cast powerful spells, and generally just be a bad arse.


As of yet, none of the game’s above have any release dates attached to them, though we’ll keep an ear to the ground and let you know when we know more. Sony has also said that we can expect more PSVR announcements soon, so we’re guessing GamesCom, Paris Games Week, or perhaps Sony’s own event, PlayStation Experience.



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