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Free DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in Operation: Shamrock and Awe

In order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Activision will be giving away some special items to celebrate the season. If you did not immediately explode when you pondered free DLC and Call of Duty in the same sentence, congratulations on surviving. There are some decent items coming your way.

First, everyone will receive a free supply drop every week. It is limited to one, and it will not carry over to the next week. Make sure you grab it by Sunday to reap the rewards.

Next, the Downpour map will show you what happens when all that rain stops. Daybreak is a sunny and green version of the map, and the trailer even shows a magical rainbow. The most magical part is that this map will be free. (We think more rainbows should be featured hardcore shooters. Feel free to disagree in the comments.)

The last two items must be earned. You can unlock the two new camos, Folium and Prizm, by completing challenges for the different weapon classes. If you unlock the Pot o’ Gold, Luck, and Leprechaun themes, you can add Darren “Graves” Cosgrave to your playable characters.

You only have until April 2nd to complete these challenges, so make sure you stop your celebrating long enough to unlock these colorful new additions.

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Activision Press Release

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