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Free to Play MMO Skyforge Starts Early Access on PS4 March 28th

The PS4 is fast becoming a second home for the free to play MMO. We only recently got the announcement that PC darling TERA will be coming our way and now we know when developer Allods Team are bringing us sci-fi MMORPG Skyforge, starting at the end of this month. The game goes into early access on March 28th, before going fully live on April 11th. You can check out the PS4 launch trailer above, then read on for everything we know.

From publisher and developer Allods Team, Skyforge is a sci-fi MMO featuring action combat. The game casts players as one of fourteen immortals tasked with protecting their home world Aelion from the constant threat of invasion. We don’t know why the world is constantly under threat of invasion, perhaps they have large deposits of Unobtainium down there or the latest shipment of Nintendo Switch consoles? Either way, with fourteen classes you can switch between on the fly and combo-based combat, fighting off said invasions should at least be a bit of fun. Your character obtained the gift of immortality from your god, Aeli, but she’s long gone. Fortunately for the player, obtaining godhood themselves is a mere matter of some power leveling. Characters will eventually be able to unlock a Divine Form with access to powerful ultimate abilities. That should make those invaders think twice.

As you would expect, Skyforge also features the usual MMO trappings. There’s a crafting system using components from defeated enemies, PvE campaigns, Raids, and dedicated PvP modes too. The PS4 edition of the game will come with all the enhancements and additions that the PC release has seen over the first year of its life cycle. You can sign up for some free cosmetic rewards by visiting the official site now and registering your PSN account, PS Plus subscribers will even get a few additional items when they log in for the first time.

Will you be jumping into Skyforge on April 11th for the bargain price of free? Have you managed to obtain one of these fabled early adopter packs? Let us know down in the comments! 


Dom is a gaming orphan; after his surrogate father SEGA was killed in the console wars, he was adopted by Sony and raised by various PlayStation consoles. He swears he’s not biased in any way though, so that’s good enough for us.

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