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Freebies Announced for Anyone Frustrated While Taking a Stab at Friday the 13th

We can only imagine how frustrating it has been for prospective serial killers as they encounter issues while trying to play Friday the 13th, and the developers at Gun Media have heard you. Even though they are trying to make the experience smoother, those campers don’t get naked and kill themselves. It takes hard work and commitment to see the job through to the end or run away screaming from an (almost) invulnerable psycho with a machete.

In order to say thank you to the fans, they will be giving away some content for free tomorrow. First, they are giving everyone 13,000 customization points, because it would be really embarrassing for two Jasons to show up at the same secluded killing grounds wearing the same thing. Speaking of different character images, they will be giving you a new retro Jason model. Finally, there will be new music to let everyone know your fancy new Jason is out for blood. We still like the breathing noises (hee hee hee ha ha ha), but we are just traditionalists.

With a double XP weekend running from June 23rd – 26th, you will have extra incentive to relax and get to killing.


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