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Gamescom 2016: DriveClub VR Actually Looks Pretty Amazing

That’s it. We’re sold. Everyone on the team here at Pure PlayStation has just pre-ordered the PlayStation VR. Wanna know why? Look at the video up above – that’s why.

We’ve not been entirely convinced that PS VR will be all that great – apart from Kyle, he loves the thing – but watching PlayStation Access go through DriveClub VR has put most of our doubts to bed. Not all of them, mind, but most of them.

DriveClub is quite the visual treat on PS4, and though we assumed that it’d take a lot of pulling¬†back on features and details to get DriveClub VR to run smoothly with Sony’s new headset, it actually looks pretty darn good. That being said, we’re only watching a small-screen YouTube video-within-a-video, so it’s not entirely clear what’s been done to get the game running on PS VR.

We’ll find out later this year when the game releases, though we’re still not sure it’s going to be on the starting grid for the PlayStation VR’s release date.

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