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Gearbox Confirms Borderlands 3 is In Development (Sort Of)

We all knew it was only a matter of time before Gearbox came out swinging with a proper third entry in its popular Borderland franchise, but at least we now know that it’s happening. Or at least we think we do…

Randy Pitchford, the man behind the studio and a thousand unfortunate quotes, stated during a panel at this year’s PAX West that 90% of the studio is “working on the thing I think most of you guys want us to be working on”. That can only be Borderlands 3, right? Because we’ve given up all hope of ever seeing a decent return of Brothers in Arms…

It’s been a long time coming, too, as this generation hasn’t seen a full-on sequel. Don’t expect it anytime soon, though, because if Gearbox isn’t even officially announcing it yet, then there’s got to be quite a wait ahead of us until the full release.

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