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Get a Little Dirty with Rallycross in Project CARS 2

A new Project CARS 2 trailer has been released to showcase the rallycross racing in Project CARS 2, and it looks pretty good. If you can ignore one of the most annoying background songs we have ever heard, you can hear your own heart skip a beat to the revving engines as the cars drift around tight curves and kick up a cloud of dust.

To make sure the feel is authentic, they have signed Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson to be consultants, and their civic coupe, with its distinctive Red Bull logo, has been added to the game. That is not the only highly-modified car to be featured in the trailer. The Ford Focus RX, Ford Escort RS 1600, and the Mini Countryman RX make an appearance in the lineup.

Based on the trailer, the tracks might be bigger stars than the cars. The video shows different weather conditions for real world tracks, and the game will include big names such as Daytona, Dirtfish, Lånkebanen, and Lydden Hill.

The only release date info we have is late 2017, but the game is shaping up nicely. With over 170 cars and 60 tracks, Project CARS 2 may give Gran Turismo Sport some very stiff competition later this year.

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