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Get Dead Island Retro Revenge First By Pre-ordering The Definitive Collection; Definitive Collection File Size Revealed

The Dead Island Definitive Collection was heavily rumoured for a long time before being officially revealed a short while ago. The collection will be hitting the PS Store this May 31st so get your baseball bat and questionable shooting mechanics ready for some serious zombie killing action. For the uninitiated, the original Dead Island is one of last-gen’s most beloved disasters while its sequel, Riptide, is the last-gen game nobody played. Now you’re up to date, you’re welcome.

If you decide to pre-order the Definitive Edition you’ll be in for not one but two extra treats. Firstly the standard pre-order bonus theme. The second one may come as a little surprise because many thought it would be included in the collection as standard, however it seems that Dead Island Retro Revenge will also be a pre-order bonus. Although the wording in the screenshot below is actually quite vague and it could mean that those who purchase the Definitive Edition will get early access to Retro Revenge before it launches separately from the collection. At least it also implies that you’ll be able to purchase Retro Revenge separately if you have no interest in replaying the other two Dead Islands.

The final piece of information we have for you is that the Definitive Collection will only take up 14.6GB of your PS4’s hard drive space. As always, that file size may rise slightly due to a day one patch or additional files, although we don’t expect it to rise much. All of this article’s information can be verified in the screenshot down below.



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