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E3 2017: Go Back to Ancient Greece in the New Trailer for Kingdom Hearts III

We are going to dash your dreams early – there is still no release date for Kingdom Hearts III. It is is a crushing blow, but we do have two pieces of good news after punching you in the gut. First, there is a new subtitled Japanese trailer showing off environments from the stomping grounds of everyone’s favorite zero to hero.

The Hercules trailer has some CG, but there is a good amount of gameplay. It also looks like Sora has picked up a few new moves in his off time. The spell effects are fantastic and the movements are more fluid than we remember. The art style has always worked well, but the added power of the PS4 is really pushing those pixels.

The second piece of good news is that Square Enix will be revealing a new world in a new trailer on July 15th at the D23 Expo, so maybe we will finally see a release date then.

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