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God of War PS4 Release Date Leaked on PlayStation Store, Maybe

We love a good leak here at Pure PlayStation, and there are none better than release date leaks. Well, and unannounced games, but we kind of prefer to learn about new games via the normal way. Release date leaks don’t ruin any big surprises…

This leak comes courtesy of Sony. Wait, what? Oh, right, yeah, it looks like the Chilean arm of the PlayStation Store has jumped the gun a touch by showing God of War’s release date as being March 22nd, 2018. It lines up with what we’ve previously heard from Sony that its big first-party games will release during the first half of 2018. So that’s God of War, Insomniac’s Spider-Man game, and possibly Bend Studios’ Days Gone. However, there is a little something that has caused a little doubt to creep into our little brains: March 22nd is a Thursday, and games usually release on a Tuesday. That being said, it’s entirely plausible that it’ll release on this date in Chile, and release¬†a day or two either side of it for the rest of the world.

Update: We’ve since heard that God of War has also been listed with a March 22nd release date on the North American PSN, too.

Until Sony gives us an official release date, we’ll just have to wait and see. This year’s PlayStation Experience is just around the corner, though, so perhaps we’ll learn more next week.


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