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Grab a Physical Copy of Horizon Zero Dawn for $20 on Amazon (NA)

UPDATE: If you missed it yesterday, you can pick it up for the same price from GameStop today.

Welcome to the week of deals! The early Black Friday sale has already started on the PlayStation Store, but it is a little lean right now. More deals will be added on Tuesday, so let’s keep the pitchforks and torches in storage for now. With the promise of so many deals on the horizon (ha ha), the waiting can be excruciating.

Fortunately, Amazon priced Horizon Zero Dawn at the Black Friday price for North American gamers. (Amazon still has it listed at £39.50 for the UK.) One Andrew Jackson is all you need to have the game at the same future discount. It is also available for Prime shipping at that price. That puts you hours deep into the game by the time everyone else is still waiting for the patch to download.

Will it be in stock tomorrow, will Amazon’s dynamic pricing model raise it again in a few hours, was our favorite lady or man replaced by aliens who are only wearing their skin? No one knows the answers to these questions. All we know for sure is that you shouldn’t wait if you want Horizon Zero Dawn at this low price or if you are living with a lizard person from another planet who might read your thoughts.

We are already having game of year discussions, and Horizon Zero Dawn will be closer to the top than the bottom. Our own competitive gamer, Kyle Durant, has ranked it extremely high on his list, and you can see what he thought of it in his review. Bottom line, it has never been cheaper to fight dinosaur machines.

If you find any early deals, be sure to post them in the comments. Our impatient wallets thank you.

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