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Gran Turismo Sport Finally Looks Like a Decent PS4 Game in New Trailer

gran turismo sport ps4

Anyone that remembers the initial reveal trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Gran Turismo Sport (GT Sport) will wince at the mention of the game’s underwhelming presentation.

The original trailer was mauled by just about everyone but the most devout fanboys on the internet, and with good reason, too, because it looked like a turd.

We’re happy to say now, then, that Gran Turismo Sport looks like it deserves to be a PlayStation 4 game. Polyphony Digital has released a brand new, fresh-faced trailer to show off its upcoming release and we’re genuinely impressed. It’s been a month since the initial poor showing of GT Sport, so as nice as this new trailer is, it’s left us wondering why Sony decided to show it off so early. Hmm.


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