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Gran Turismo Sport’s PSVR Mode is Limited to One-on-One Races in Arcade Mode

If you were hoping for Gran Turismo Sport’s PSVR functions to be a meaty addition to the game, think again because it sounds like it’s going to be very basic.

After looking over on the official Gran Turismo Sport website, we’ve found the VR section. Here’s what it says:

The game is compatible with the PS VR, providing the user a 360 degree 3D environment to experience. There is a dedicated VR Drive mode in the Arcade Mode where you can drive one on one races as though you are really sitting in the driver seat, surrounded by a real car interior.

From the sounds of it, PSVR support will be limited to this Arcade Mode and you won’t be able to flip off other drivers online. Disappointing? Just a little…


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