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Have a Gander at Rocket League’s Special Edition Retail Release

It was inevitable that Rocket League would get a physical release after it took the gaming world by storm with its overwhelmingly successful release as a PS Plus freebie. Since then we’ve had it confirmed that a physical release is happening, and that 505 Games will be acting as the game’s publisher.

Today we can show you what the Collector’s Edition looks like, if that’s your kind of thing. Below you’ll find the box art which – if we’re being completely honest – doesn’t look all that spectacular, barring the obvious note at the top of the box.


  • Includes every item from the previously released DLC alongside four exclusive vehicles
  • Fantastic Multiplayer: 4-Player Splitscreen, 8-Player Online, Ranked and Unranked play
  • Game modes include Exhibition , Unfair Mode and a full Offline Season Mode
  • Personalize your vehicle with hundreds of different items for more THAN 100 BILLION possible combinations!
  • Includes Replay Viewer, customizable controls, Mutator game-variants (Ball Type, Speed, Boost Strength etc), and more!

The Collector’s Edition is due to release on PS4 this June 24th. Lovely stuff. You can pre-order your copy here from Amazon (the place we nicked all the info from).

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