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Headmaster Party Mode Update Released Today

Get ready footballers…and…soccerers?  Frame Interactive has released the party mode update for the PSVR game Headmaster (read our review here) and they have added two brand spanking new levels and seven remix levels for anyone that owns Headmaster.

According to Ben Throop, founder of Frame Interactive, “This update took a lot longer than we planned, but it also is bigger than anyone anticipated. After shipping the main game I needed to rest. Once we got rolling after the holidays, the ideas started to come and the new level count went from four to nine.”

All levels are listed below and show that more head banging fun seems to be coming for this Pure PlayStation writer’s favorite PSVR experience to date. 

Big Monkey – “A giant inflatable used car sale gorilla that acts out a low-rent King Kong circus performance.”  The level appears to not be for the faint of heart and ripped right out of the classic film, King Kong.  Hopefully beauty doesn’t kill the beast this time.

Robert’s Room – “Actually play in a room with mini balls and targets. See if you can dislodge Robert from the toilet.”  The level looks like a roller rink when the disco ball comes down and the lights get, funky.

Facility Tour – “Several classic levels all in one, quickly moving between them in a single level.”  According to Throop, “The Facility Tour is a really interesting Party Mode level because it’s several familiar bits from single player all in quick succession as one continuous level. You play a bit, then the lights go out, a new thing is there and you play that, then the lights go out again… all with one score that adds up the whole time. The rub is that there are persistent bonus ball targets on the perimeter, so you get to decide when you want to use the bombs, or the golden ball, or the beach ball. That one is not only a test of skill but also of knowledge from the single player campaign.”

The following seven levels are remixes of levels from the game.  Rock and Bowl – “Bowling redone with blacklights and splatter paint.”  Basketcase – “A newly done up basketball challenge.”  Speed Round 2 – “A new speed round with special surprises.”  Non-Alcoholic Pong – “Classic Headmaster non-beer pong rearranged.”  Darts – “It’s still darts taped to soccer balls like you’d expect.”  Carnival – “The classic carnival exam remixed for Party Mode.”

The nine levels and Facility Tour offer a range of different difficulties and durations.  The new levels are designed for the beginner as well as the gamer that has already completed the game or even acquired all stars and trophies.  There is plenty of room for gamers to play a quick match against each other or take up the Facility Tour for a longer gaming session.

The update also adds PS4 Pro support, which makes the game look even sharper than on the standard PS4. “Headmaster is on sale for $12.99 for PS+ and $13.99 for non-PS+ in the US Playstation Store until Wednesday 3/22” according to Throop.

He further noted, “Since these are multiplayer levels, we’d love feedback to balance them in future updates. Check out the Headmaster Subreddit and let us know what you think.”

Which party mode level looks most interesting to you?  Big Monkey, Robert’s Room, Facility Tour, or one of the others?  Let us know which one and why in the comments below.

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