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Hear the Kingdom Hearts III Theme, and Catch a Glimpse of Monsters, Inc.

Are we going to see Kingdom Hearts III this year? Place your bets now.

It is encouraging to have a new world announced. At the D23 Expo in Japan, Disney fans were treated to the announcement that Monsters, Inc. would be in the upcoming sequel. Sora, Donald, and Goofy are transformed into scary (or a cute version of scary) creatures and work with Mike, Sulley, and Boo. You can see some of the Monsters, Inc. gameplay in the video at the top.

Attendees at D23 were also given the first chance to hear the new theme song. Utada Hikaru returns to sing the vocals in this song, and it is called “Don’t Think Twice”. The video plays almost two minutes of the song, and we recommend you give it a listen.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Kingdom Hearts II’s “Simple and Clean” was an amazing song, and it’s hard to match it. “Don’t Think Twice” is going in a different direction, and we have listened to it a few times already. Let us know what you think of the song in the comments.

In addition to the new theme and gameplay, there is an interaction between Mickey and Riku at the end of the trailer. Riku plunges a keyblade into the sand, and tells Mickey he will leave it there in case the other him needs it. Who knows what this will mean for the plot, but it’s out there for everyone to try to unravel.

We realize it is only February, but a Kingdom Hearts III release date announcement could come at E3 or even a little earlier, if it comes at all. Now, all we need is an update on Final Fantasy VII.

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