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Hear Nobuo Uematsu’s New Song for Final Fantasy XV’s Multiplayer Expansion

Final Fantasy fans, are you sitting down? Nobuo Uematsu has written a new song for the upcoming multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV. “Choosing Hope” will be the featured song. If you cannot wait, watch the trailer at the top, and come back.

Square Enix has dropped a making of video with the composer and vocalist, Emiko Suzuki. Based on a gospel style, the song is meant to evoke powerful emotions. Although Uematsu looks exhausted several times in the studio, he says it is one of his best songs, and he hopes it will inspire others beyond gaming. He even had to fight back the tears when he listened to it.

We are not sure it will make you cry, but Uematsu is the sound of Final Fantasy. We are thrilled to see him composing more music for the game that gave him his fame. We have no real complaints about Yoko Shimomura’s work in Final Fantasy XV, but there ain’t no party like an Uematsu party.

The multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV is launching November 15th. In Comrades, you are a member of the Kingsglaive, and you will be able to choose powers and build a multiplayer team to save Lucis. You can pick it up as part of the season pass, or you can purchase it as a standalone game. As usual, it will require a PS Plus membership to play.

Check out the trailer to hear the song and see the composer and vocalist talk about the experience. Do you think it is his best work ever, or is it not your cup of health potion tea? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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