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Helldivers Dynamic Theme Trailer – Because Apparently Themes Need Trailers Now

You probably realise this by now, but Helldivers is one of this month’s free PlayStation Plus games. In it players deliver ‘a nice cup of liberty’ to the undemocratic Bug, Cyborg and Illuminate planets. It’s a twin-stick shooter in which your objective is to defend Super Earth in the name of democracy. There’s over a hundred hours of gameplay, many many many different vehicles and weapons, a cross-save feature for PS3, PS4 and Vita, as well as co-op for up to four players.

However, sometimes just playing the game isn’t enough to save democracy. Sometimes you need a little something more. Well thankfully Sony have provided that something in the form of a free dynamic PS4 Helldivers theme for PlayStation Plus users. Now no matter what you’re doing on your PS4 democracy will only be a click of the ‘PS’ button away. You can check out the theme’s trailer below, because for some reason themes need trailers now. We’re honestly not too sure why, but here you go.


Conor is Pure PlayStation’s resident Irishman. Naturally that means he’s constantly slurring his words and turning up stinking of Guiness with a potato in his pocket. It’s not all bad though, because Conor is also a PlayStation nut. When he’s not doing his best Father Jack impression (Father Ted, watch it) he’s got a DualShock 4 in his hand and a Vita in the other. Yeah, we don’t know how he manages it either.

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