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Help 88 Heroes Fight Evil on March 24th

The upcoming 88 Heroes finally has a release date. On March 24th, you will be able to stop the nefarious Dr. H8 from destroying the world with one of 88 different characters. Since the selection is random and the heroes’ powers are very different, the way you play the game will change with each hero. For example, the trailer showcases the rolling death of Nibbles the Destroyer, a hamster inside a plastic ball. There is also a chicken with exploding eggs.

The game will offer multiple modes. To beat the 2D platformer, you will have to traverse all 88 levels within 88 minutes. The levels are split between four zones with their own boss to conquer. You can also choose 8 different heroes to beat the game, or even just your favorite hero and stick with them through the entire game.

Based on the trailer, the game seems to have a great sense of humor. We are not sure why some content is being limited to the physical version only, but we hope that the extra heroes and levels will be shared with people who buy the game digitally at some point in the future.

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Rising Star Games' Press Release

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