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Here’s How to Play Snake Pass

So you’ve been following our Snake Pass coverage and are completely enamored at the colorful, 90’s inspired platformer. The only problem you have is how does one platform with a snake. Lead Designer/Creator, Seb Liese, and Designer, David Dino, have addressed those worries in a twelve minute long gameplay video today. The pair go over the actual controls of snake moving as well as the physics of the title. Turns out if our hero’s tail is hanging, that will actually affect and slow down his movements. More intricacies can be viewed in the footage above.

Snake Pass will drop on March 28th for North America and March 29th for Europe. It will cost £16.99/$19.99/€19.99. We’ll keep an eye out for any other info on the slithering (see what we did there?) adventure. Let us know how you’ll use a snake’s body for adventuring in the comments below!


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