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Here’s Your First Look at Far Cry 5, Worldwide Reveal Coming May 26th

Damn you, Ubisoft. Damn you and your teasing ways. Damn you. OK, enough damning.

Ubisoft has released a few new trailers today to drum up a bit of hype for its upcoming Far Cry 5. The reason we’re damning the publisher is that the trailers, all of which you can watch below, are nothing short of teasing. They’re literally teasers. There’s no gameplay, no graphics, no explanation. Instead we get a few videos showing different locations in what looks like a modern(ish) North America.

According to the trailers, the game will take place in Hope County, Montana, USA. What’s not immediately obvious is the time period that the game is set in. If we were betting folk (we’re not, we’re broke) we’d wager a guess at it being set during the golden days of the Wild West. That’s just our guess though.

We’ll know more when Ubisoft shows the game off this Friday, May 26th – the day the game will be revealed to the world.


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