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Hitman’s One Year Anniversary Celebrated in Stats, Proves Coconuts Are Deadly

A year has passed since Hitman’s release, and in that time a lot of blood has been spilled.

To celebrate the achievement, IO Interactive has kindly released an infographic containing various statistics. For example, did you know that over 70 million hits have been completed. Or that two percent of “hitters” killed Ken Morgan with the most deadliest of weapons – a coconut.

The most pursued target was revealed to be The Blackmailer but The Fixer was the toughest with only a 23% success rate.

If you managed to read the entire AI dialogue, then congratulations, you’ve read more words than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

A total of 250,000 contracts have been created by players, mostly in the Sapienza area. The contracts more gas undergone a few changes, as IO explain:

There is a search and share system plus there are now tags so you can quickly select the type of contract you want to play – so if you love Sapienza and sniper rifles, then you can quickly find a Contract to your liking and with over 250,000 Contracts available to play today that’s a good thing. 

Who was your trickiest hit? Did you go killer-crazy with a coconut? Let us know.

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