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Hitman’s PS4 File Size Has Been Revealed

Hello and welcome to Pure PlayStation – the world’s first PS4 file size fan site. Ok that was a bit of a lie, we do other stuff too. However, we are here with some new information regarding the file size for the upcoming Hitman game on PS4. When the game’s Intro Pack launches on the 11th of March it will take up 9.3GB of your PS4’s hard drive. Obviously that size may increase slightly due too additional files and early patches, but we don’t expect it to increase drastically.

It’s also worth baring in mind that this is only the Intro Pack and five more significant content updates will arrive post-launch. By the time the dust has settled and the entire game has finally been released we could be looking at a 40-50GB game judging by the size of the initial download. Although the future updates may not take up as much room as the Intro Pack.

We’ve included two screenshots from the PlayStation Store down below so you can check out the size of the game for yourself.



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