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Hitman’s Sixth Elusive Target ‘The Twin’ Now Live

Hitman’s latest elusive target, labelled ‘The Twin’ see’s you not only hunting down a high profile target but also having to differentiate him from his identical twin. As always you only get one shot at the target… well one attempt, multiple shots if you wish. If he escapes you fail, if the time runs out you fail and if you die, you fail.

Furthermore, if you harm the identical twin at all you will fail even if you assassinate the target. As always you have limited intel but should pay close attention to whatever is handed to you, it will all help. An important piece of intel for this target is that he recently bought a watch that you can use to distinguish him from his twin, provided he’s wearing it of course. This may mean getting up close and personal.

Last of all, you can check out the sixth elusive target trailer below. Following that, it’s time to get into Sapienza and begin preparations. You have until 13:00 BST on the 18th to complete the contract.

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