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Horizon: Zero Dawn – Game of the Year Edition Surfaces Online

horizon zero dawn aloy

Sony seems to be confident that its Horizon: Zero Dawn will be crowned ‘Game of the Year’ at some point this year, as it is apparently preparing to release Horizon: Zero Dawn – Game of the Year Edition for PS4.

According to popular online retailer Play-Asia, Sony will release Horizon: Zero Dawn – Game of the Year Edition on December 5th. Note that December 5th is a Tuesday, the day most games go on sale in North America and Europe.

The listing has since been removed, unfortunately. Perhaps this was a listing gone live early, or it was a mistake on the part of the retailer. We’re leaning more towards the former. Horizon: Zero Dawn was a critical darling upon release and it would make sense to give it a second shot at the sales charts just before Christmas. A complete edition with the upcoming expansion, or the base game at a reduced price seem to be the most likely options.

Horzion Zero Dawn Game of the Year Edition PS4

However, as there has been no official announcement or confirmation by Sony, we’ll still stick this one onto the rumour pile. Expect an announcement soon, then.

Would you pick up Horzion: Zero Dawn – Game of the Year Edition? Chuck a dino-treat down in the comments section below.


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