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Horizon Zero Dawn Sold More Than 2.6 Million Copies in Two Weeks

Sony revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn is the best-selling, new, first party IP on the PS4. That seems like a lot of qualifiers, so maybe we should go directly to the numbers. Between physical and digital sales, the newest exclusive to Sony’s little magic box has sold 2.6 million copies in the first two weeks.

That is quite the accomplishment, and it was definitely at the top of many gamer’s most anticipated list for 2017. Fortunately, it was not just a pretty face from developer Guerilla. The game has been praised for its combat and story. In fact, we gave it the ultra rare score of 10 out of 10, so we agreed it was not bad.

Congrats to Sony and Guerilla on the great sales, but even more congrats to the gamers who have another great game to enjoy.

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Sony Press Release

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