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Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Let it Go in The Frozen Wilds This November 7th

Let it go, let it go, we’ll soon be in the snow! What, no fans of Disney’s Frozen here on Pure PlayStation? Fine, we’ll just stick to the story at hand: Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first expansion, The Frozen Wilds, has been given a release date of November 7th, 2017.

The new expansion pack will bring with it a new story line, a new area, as well as changes to the main game’s open world. Sounds like a meaty little DLC package to us. You can pre-order the expansion from both the North American and UK/EU PlayStation store to get a little avatar to show off to the world. Oh, and PS Plus members get a 10% discount, so it’s probably worth stumping up the cash if you know you’re going to end up buying it anyway.


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