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Immersion is the First Job in Hitman 2

After some doubt about the future of the Hitman series, we are happy to be bringing you a new trailer for Hitman 2. This one focuses on how immersive the world is, from characters to crowds. People will respond to noises and your actions. You can make a difference in these levels based on how you choose to approach them.

The trailer shows a day at the track. As Agent 47 goes about his business, there are many interior and exterior environments giving what I can only suppose are multiple paths. Your choices could determine which racer is disqualified, and it might setup the winner for a perfect shot with your sniper rifle.

Hitman 2 will include a variety of tools and locations as you attempt to be the world’s deadliest assassin. The new AI promises to give you the most realistic Hitman ever, and it’s looking pretty good. There is also a new Sniper Assassin mode that will let you and a friend take down a target in co-op.

Hitman 2 has a November 13th release date in its cross hairs, and we look forward to giving you our stealthy opinion in our future review.

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Press Release from iO Interactive

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