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InFamous: Second Son 1.05 PS4 Pro Patch Out Now, InFamous: First Light 1.02 PS4 Pro Patch Also Available

For those who still have InFamous: Second Son and the standalone expansion, InFamous: First Light, installed on their PS4’s, there’s a couple of pretty big updates available for both games.

InFamous: Second Son’s patch is update version 1.05. The download is approximately 3.6GB in size and according to the patch notes, the update implements support for PS4 Pro by way of adding support for HDR and 4K televisions. It’s quite a beefy update, though if you don’t own a HDR capable TV or a 4K TV, it’s probably best to just avoid this download and save yourself a few GBs of hard drive space.

InFamous: First Light’s patch update version 1.02 and it too brings the same support for HDR and 4K TVs, though it’s a little smaller in size and will only cost you 2.5GB of hard drive space.

There’s a few older games that have been receiving updates in preparation for the launch of the PS4 Pro which releases November 10th.

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