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Injustice 2 Fighter Pack #3 Delivers Pizza-Loving Turtles

Need more characters for your Injustice 2 roster? Of course, you do. We could tell you that Fighter Pack #3 will add Atom and Enchantress, but we don’t care about that. (As a matter of fact, Hannah predicted Atom would be at the head of Fighter Pack #3 in October!) We saw the Laird and Eastman versions of our favorite heroes in a half shell. Everything else is meaningless now.

Atom is coming first. You can grab the size shifting hero in December. Enchantress will make some magic in January, and we will have to wait until February to scream “Cowabunga!” at our TV. At least, we have to wait, before it makes sense.

If you have the Ultimate Edition or Ultimate Pack, you can pick up these new fighters when they are available. For everyone else, either buy the pack, or wait until they become available separately. It’s a textbook Sophie’s Choice now that the mean green team has hit the DC Universe.

This all may seem like old news, but wait. Someone has dubbed the metal TMNT theme (the good one) over part of the trailer with predictably awesome results. Watch the original trailer at the top, and then skip to 1:05 in the trailer at the bottom. You’re welcome.


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