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Insider: Horizon: Zero Dawn Delayed Until 2017

We’re not too keen on people who are supposedly “insiders” but every now and again we have to listen up and accept that life isn’t all about facts. To be fair though, this insider actually does have a reputation for being very much spot on with his information.

Twitter user and NeoGaffer Shinobi has tweeted that Horizon: Zero Dawn for PS4 will not be releasing in 2016, but will release in 2017. Annoying? Maybe, but there’s nothing to say the guy hasn’t finally snapped and decided to start making stuff up for the fun of it.

Last we heard was that Guerrila Games was still targeting a 2016 release date, though these things are always subject to change. Given that the rumours surrounding the PS4.5 seem to be coming thicker and faster with every passing day, perhaps that’s the reason for the delay – to give Guerrilla time to adjust the game for the not-PS5.

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