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Insomniac Adds More Puddles to Marvel’s Spider-Man

Shortly before the game’s release, Marvel’s Spider-Man came under fire for apparently being downgraded when compared to the previous footage shown at E3 shows. The drama focused on the less pronounced puddles in the game, something that was changed to actually help players better read the environment. Nevertheless, Puddlegate was born.

Of course, anyone who has played the final release will see that the game isn’t a straight downgrade and it actually look really, really nice, as mentioned in my Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 review.

Along with New Game+ and extra trophies, Insomniac Games has found the time to add more puddles for fans of the wet stuff. They come in the form of cartoon stickers that can be used in the game’s Photo Mode. It’s a cheeky dig and one that true believers will appreciate.

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