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Insomniac’s New Game Has Been Revealed – Song Of The Deep

Two days ago we told you that Insomniac would be revealing their new game in just two days. Well their two days are up and Song of the Deep has been revealed. This underwater metroidvania-style action-adventure game will challenge players to explore, experiment and skilfully navigate a vast ocean landscape’ all while experiencing an unforgettable narrative, as they take control of a young girl searching for her father.

Song of the Deep is the brainchild of Insomniac’s Chief Creative Officer, Brian Hastings, and it was inspired by his own daughter. The game will deliver a simple message to the player: no matter who you are, you have the ability to overcome adversity when you don’t give up.


Players will be able to upgrade their submarines in order to gain access to other areas under the sea as the game will be non-linear. Upgrading will also allow the player to come up with new and unique ways to defeat and outwit their enemies, how about catching a torpedo with your submarines claw and throwing it back at an enemy? Sounds pretty cool to us.

Song of the Deep will be out on PS4 sometime in Summer 2016. It has not received an age rating yet, but judging by the trailer below we can’t imagine it being an adults-only-game. One of the most interesting things to note is that the publisher is GameStop. It looks like they’re going to start dipping their toes in more than retail from here on out.


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