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Is a Fifa 18 / PS4 Pro Bundle In The Works?

For those frugal gamers who haven’t yet splurged for a PS4 Pro and are still rocking the PS4 amateur, there may be a deal coming down the pike. According to a report from, rumor has it that Sony has wrested the Fifa license away from Microsoft for 2018, and that a PS4 Pro/Fifa 18 bundle are eminent.

There is no question that the hugely successful Fifa series bundled with the Pro model would boost sales. It would also prove to be a shrewd marketing move as a PS4 Pro/ Fifa 18 bundle would roughly coincide with the release of Microsoft’s latest console.

The mother ship has not confirmed any of this news as of yet, but it is almost makes too much sense not to happen now.

Have you been waiting for a bundle like this before jumping on the Pro model, or are you one of the lucky ones, looking down on your peasant friends from your lofty pedestal?

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