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Is Bethesda Working on a Game of Thrones Video Game?

Hold your horses, people, because this could be the start of a rocky hype train. Bethesda is apparently working on a Game of Thrones video game, or at least that’s according to Target’s website.

The US retailer has a listing for a game called Bethesda: Game of Thrones. It’s a long shot from confirmation and it seems an unlikely source for such a major leak, though stranger things have happened.

Bethesda is known for its large open-world games, and some would argue that its The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim¬†is proof that the studio could handle such a property. Because, you know, swords and dragons and stuff…

Whether this is true or not is something we’ll have to wait to see. It’s entirely possible that it’s a genuine leak, but it could also be some knobhead working on Target’s website looking to cause a bit of mayhem for kicks. Hey, we’d do it if we thought we could get away with it.

While we’re unsure about the validity of this rumour, it’s hard to not be a teensy bit excited for such a game. The closest we’ve had to a real Game of Thrones game came out of Telltale Games, but if you’re not a fan of point-and-click adventures with lots of QTEs, it probably didn’t scratch that itch you had to lob people’s heads off. Please be true…

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