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Join the Upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Closed Beta

Square Enix is holding a closed beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT from August 26th to September 4th, and you can be one of the few who play the game, before it releases early next year.

Dissidia NT (long name is long) will allow you to pit 3-on-3 teams of characters from the Final Fantasy universe against each other in a brawler-style game. For now, there are twenty-two different characters announced with seven different summons. Although more characters are coming, Jecht has just been announced, and the full roster can be viewed here.

The closed beta registration is by region, so North American gamers can click here to register. For anyone in Europe, you can click here. If you pre-ordered the game, you may already have an access code for the closed beta.

If you want an idea of how the game looks, check out the trailer we posted at the top of the article.

Do you think this game could be used to help some of the more aloof and brooding Final Fantasy characters work through their psychological issues? Perhaps, Tidus may still want to give Jecht a good pummeling for being a bit of an absentee father? Let us know your ideal match ups in the comments. 



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