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June’s PlayStation Plus Games Will Be Announced This Week

June is almost here and that means that we’re preparing to groan/cheer at what Sony offers up as part of the monthly Instant Game Collection update for PlayStation Plus members.

This month is a little different to most as Tuesday – the day the store updates – is on May 31st, so it’s looking likely that we’ll get to download whatever is announced on June 7th.

Speaking of which, there still hasn’t been announcement as to what games will be part of June’s PS Plus, though there have been rumours that Gone Home and NBA 2K16 are included, but we’ll know for sure this coming week, according to PlayStation community manager Fran Mead. We’ll wait with bated breath, but we’re not really keeping our hopes up as the last few months have been a bit, well, less than stellar.

What are you hoping for in June’s PS Plus update? Or have you completely given up in hoping for anything decent? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.

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